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Wraptor Plus is an innovative new house wrap that is ideal for retrofit or new construction. Primarily used in residential construction, Wraptor Plus can also be used in commercial applications where a weather-resistive barrier is needed. It provides the builder with a wrap that performs not only as an air and moisture retarder, effectively sealing up the cracks in the external sheathing, but also a potential radiant barrier.
How Wraptor Plus Works
Radiant heat or infrared works in the same way as visible light; heat is generated when this energy is absorbed. Common insulation products, like most building materials, will absorb a large percentage of the radiant energy they encounter. Testing has shown the Wraptor Plus surface reflects a high percentage of radiant heat when facing an air space.
Bulk Moisture:
Wind driven moisture can make its way through almost any type of exterior cladding. Without a house wrap, moisture can be absorbed into the sheathing and wreak havoc on a wall system. Wraptor Plus stops bulk moisture from coming in contact with sheathing, protecting the components of the wall system. Wraptor Plus also has a perm rating of 7, which means that it allows moisture trapped inside the wall cavity to escape to the exterior.
Air Infiltration:
The U.S. Department of Energy has stated that a high percentage of a home's energy loss may be the result of air infiltration. The opposing force of pressure (low vs. high) between inside and outside walls can cause heat and air-conditioning to be virtually sucked from a building through walls, ceiling, joints, top plates, electrical outlets and every crack and opening in the building. As air infiltrates, it causes changes in temperatures that require heaters and air conditioners to work harder. Constant temperature fluctuations also reduce comfort levels. Wraptor Plus is designed to reduce air infiltration, cutting down on drafts and allowing your HVAC equipment to run more efficiently.

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