Topper Protective Concrete Blanket
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Topper Applications

Summer Application
Unroll with white side facing up to reflect heat from the sun and prevent the concrete from curing too quickly.
winter concrete curing

Winter Application
Unroll with black side facing up to absorb heat from the sun and prevent the concrete from curing too slowly.
winter concrete curing
The Topper is a concrete blanket that uses patent-pending technology to protect freshly poured concrete from the harmful effects of weather. Constructed from laminated layers of cross woven polyethylene and bubble pack, it is water resistant, durable, flexible and lightweight. It has the ability to keep concrete warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, allowing for faster and stronger cures.
How it Works
The curing process is essential to strong, long-lasting concrete. The Topper helps concrete cure properly by protecting it from rain, snow, ice and extreme temperatures. During the winter, with the black side facing up, the Topper absorbs heat from the sun and transfers it down to the concrete. During the summer, with the white side facing up, the Topper transfers excess heat away from the concrete. A tough cross-woven, polyethylene shell on both sides allows the Topper to keep precipitation and unwanted debris away from the pour, no matter what season.
Topper Uses
Most commonly, the Topper is used over wooden, metal or styrofoam forms. However, it can also be utilized in many other applications. Footings, pier boxes, curbs, paving machines, slabs, sidewalks, and gutters are additional places where the Topper will work extremely well.
Advantages: Applications: Roll Sizes:
Patent Pending Technology ICFs 12" x 50'
Easy To Apply Wall Forms 18" x 50'
Reusable Footings 24" x 50'
Tear Resistant Curbs 36" x 50'
Flexible Pier Boxes 48" x 50'
Lightweight Gutters 72" x 25'
Year Round Usage Sidewalks 72" x 50'