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Insulation Solutions Introduces Wraptor Plus® House Wrap

May 22 , 2006

PEORIA, IL - Insulation Solutions, Inc. recently introduced Wraptor Plus™ to a diverse, growing line of building products.  Wraptor Plus™ is a premium perforated house wrap made from cross-laminated polyethylene for optimum protection and durability. It is designed to protect framing, sheathing and insulation systems from moisture and condensation.  In addition, Wraptor Plus™ surpasses conventional house wraps by performing as a radiant barrier.

Wraptor Plus™ is a cost effective, efficient means of controlling moisture behind a structure’s exterior siding.  It forms a protective membrane around the house or building by resisting water from outside sources such as rain and snow, but also allows water vapor to escape from behind the house wrap.

Wraptor Plus™, like most house wraps, reduces air infiltration.  However, its aluminum layer provides the benefit of increasing the R-Value.  According to the ASTM C 1363 thermal performance test results, Wraptor Plus™ increases the wall system’s R-Value by 15% to 24%. 

Installing Wraptor Plus™ allows the building to breathe.  The reflectivity will reduce summer heat gain as well as winter heat loss.  Doing so will decrease utility costs and increase overall energy efficiency.

Wraptor Plus™ was introduced in January, 2006 at the International Builders Show in Orlando, FL.  Insulation Solutions, Inc. is confident Wraptor Plus™ will offer more value than any other house wrap in the industry due to its strength, affordability and energy efficiency.

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